Gandhian Society, USA

We have three founding pillars –

Non-violence, Communal Harmony and Self-Discipline…

Gandhian Society is a non-political, non-profit organization, founded by like-minded people who carry Gandhiji within their head, heart and hands.

The objective of Gandhian Society is to spread Gandhian philosophy across the globe. Our belief is that Gandhiji’s message is the solution for all the problems in the world.

The true vision of Gandhian Society is to make the thoughts of Gandhiji accessible to the youth, raise awareness towards the approach of non-violence and ‘Bring the Change by Being the Change’.

Board of Directors of Gandhian Society

Bhadra Butala
Founder & President
New Jersey, USA

Shri Bhadra Butala, a humble and devoted Gandhian, with his long association with various organizations in India, persistently worked towards promoting true values and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. He actively started rural public work, educational scholarships, leadership and awareness camps based on Gandhiji’s teachings. He has sponsored scholarship programmes for deserving students in villages; has opened school for economically deprived tribal families; has organized book exhibitions facilitating various books written by Gandhiji; has sponsored Gandhi Leadership Camp, inspiring and training youth to become next generation leaders in social activities.

In an endeavor to discuss the great teachings and message of Mahatma Gandhi, he sponsored a 2 day National Convention named ‘Gandhi Returns: Back to Basics’. This event gave germ to the idea of setting up a Gandhi Institution in USA. He got further motivated to open a ‘Gandhian Society’ and to promote the idea of ‘Bring the Change by Being the Change’, gave birth to ‘Gandhi Going Global 2018.’