On 2nd October 2017, people across world celebrated 148th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and the Gandhian Society of Edison, New Jersey made a vow to promote Gandhian philosophy, all across United States of America and instill it in the heads, hearts and hands of the future generations through a campaign called Gandhi Going Global (G3).

It is a two-year long, action-based international campaign, aimed at educating and inspiring
everyone, who visits G3 to experience, within themselves, an evolution of the soul and live as
newly awakened citizens who will carry Gandhi with and within them.

“We want to create an experience that motivates the youth of USA to evolve into change makers who will lead-by-example and spread the message of non-violence, work to eradicate discrimination and implement Gandhian methodology & philosophy to uplift all of humanity”

Mr. Bhadra Butala, Founder
Gandhian Society, NJ

  • As a first step, the campaign was announced LIVE on TV ASIA (North America’s 24/7 information & entertainment cable television channel) and on Social media with an invitation to all to join the movement.
  • The second step will be to conduct activity based workshops in 400+ universities & 100+ high schools, where students will understand some of Gandhiji’s principles such as non-violence, communal harmony and self-discipline and select their area or field to apply that learning to oneself and in the process, stimulating others to explore their own truth.
  • The programs like community engagement, shift-to-self reliance, ‘No guns-No Violence’ Street Plays, Prabhat Feri (morning prayers), elocution and essay competition will run continuously throughout the year.